Hassle-free and safe service with reliable and immaculate results

Window cleaning is part of our core service since we were established in 1981.

Using our water-fed pole system, we offer a service which makes it easy for customers to achieve great, reliable results.

Streaked and stained windows can leave buildings looking undesirable and uncared for

Windows that aren’t looked after can create a poor first impression.

Regular window cleaning not only keeps your windows clean, but helps maintain a professional image for your premises.

Spot-free finish

We use purified water consisting of de-ionised water which is free of impurities. This means that you get windows with a spot-free finish.

Effortless and secureCommercial-Window-Cleaning

Our water-fed pole system allows windows to be cleaned from from the safety of the ground. Our carbon fibre poles can extend to heights of 60 feet – alleviating the need for ladders or cherry pickers to access high levels.

We can provide a recommended window cleaning schedule which will be based on the premise’s surroundings and certain environmental factors. If needed, we can provide daily, weekly and monthly window cleaning to both internal and external glazing.

The water-fed pole system can also clean any signage, awnings and balconies that have built-up stubborn dirt over time.

If you’d like to discuss commercial or residential window cleaning, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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