Avoid unsightly discolouration from algae and fungus!

Silicone coloured render (K-Rend) is one of the most popular building coverings. However, it can quickly become discoloured from algae and fungus.

Render during clean

It’s important to address the root of the problem

Your first thought may be to paint over any visible discolouration but this is a common misconception and has significant cost implications. The discolouration often associated with silicone render is a build-up of fungus which needs to be cleaned to avoid long-term damage.

We can effectively clean render using our soft-wash system and AlgoClear®. It is a biocidal detergent, designed to protect the render from any regrowth of algae.

The detergent is applied under low pressure through an extendable lance to ensure maximum coverage. The render will instantly regain much of its original colour providing an instant result.

Continue to improve

You’ll get a result pretty quickly. However, the detergent will continue to work meaning that your render will soon appear even cleaner.

Green algae normally disappears with 2-3 days, red takes 2-3 weeks and black can take a bit longer. Black can sometimes require an additional spot treatment for the more stubborn areas.

Did you know?

Red, green and black algae presents from prolonged exposure to moisture (often caused by rain). However, the exposure to moisture is often made worse by a broken or blocked gutter.

We offer a service where we can check the health of your gutters and help you maintain them. Giving you back the control.

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