As an exterior surface, cladding, is at the mercy of the weather

Cladding is often used externally in places like retail parks, factories and other commercial buildings. It can quickly becomes soiled with traffic pollution and moss which can cause damage over time.

A clean and well-maintained cladding gives the right impression to prospective customers

A regular cleaning schedule will help prevent the discolouration and corrosion caused by weather and airborne pollutants.

We can easily clean exterior cladding using our purified water system. This gives outstanding results, without the use of chemicals.

Cladding before and after

No danger to pedestrians and no inconvenience to you

The use of our ultra-light carbon fibre poles means that we can clean many large-scale retail parks whilst they stay open. It means that we can clean without inconveniencing you as a business, and without causing danger to the public.

The use of telescopic poles (up to 60 feet) and de-ionised water eliminates the need for chemicals and ladders. Making this one of the most environmentally friendly and cost-effective ways to maintain your building.


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