Residential & Domestic Window Cleaning

High Rise Window CleaningClean windows make a huge difference to both the external appearance and the view out of your home. Without the right equipment it can be both difficult and dangerous to get good results. Home owners are quite often unaware that they can be held personally liable for any accidents which occur on their property.

Because we do not use ladders, we can reach any window with no risk of personal injury or damage to lawns, flowerbeds and window sills, while giving you more privacy. Working from the ground with telescopic poles, we're safer and quicker than traditional window cleaners and therefore eliminate the risk of potential litigation.

The 100% pure water we use is environmentally friendly and produces cleaning results that are second to none. Because we don’t use detergents there is no sticky residue left and windows stay cleaner longer!

We are an established cleaning company since 1981 and have been cleaning windows with the Reach & Wash® system since 1998 throughout South Wales.

We are committed to better cleaning results in total safety!

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