Moss Removal

High Rise Window CleaningFirst rule of roof maintenance:
‘Keep the roof clean so that the rainwater drains quickly and roof surfaces dry well’.

A clean roof gives a property a well maintained look. It enhances its value and reflects well on its owner.

Moss, lichen and algae on a roof disturb the flow of rainwater across the roof surface. Growth thrives where the supply of moisture is best and establishes itself where the slates overlap especially along the lower edge, the tail end, of the slate.

During heavy rain, the lap cavities will overflow inside the building. Most roofs have a notional second line of defence in the form of a bituminous felt, but it does not always perform perfectly and is not designed for long term protection.

We provide a solution to this problem and can treat your roof with a bio-degradable product that will kill off the moss and lichen leaving your roof clean and looking great.

The Mossgo Roof Treatment System is non-aggressive in nature. It has been developed and adapted to suit weather conditions prevailing in the British Isles and Ireland.

The active ingredient of MossGo Pro is a quaternary ammonium. It does not affect any known material used in construction. It has a rapid breakdown rate after use, leaving residues absorbed by bacteria.

MossGo Pro is a spray once product. It leaves no smear. The layer hosting microbes, algae and its symbiotic partners – in moss and lichen – dies within a few hours.

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