Glass Scratch Removal

Glass Scratch RemovalDistortion free glass scratch removal and polishing is a faster, more cost effective and environmentally friendly method than replacing glass. We can remove 90% of scratches and stains from flat or curved glass without the need for removing the unit.

A scratch on your shop front glass used to mean a costly replacement and quite a lot of mess but now scratches can be removed with the glass in situ and could save you a fortune!

Glass Scratch Removal Glass Technics unique SheerForce Glass Scratch Removal System is unlike any other scratch removal process globally. It does not use abrasive pads or compounds, so does not leave a low spot in the glass that causes distortion. "Unique non-abrasive compounds and pads work to improve the scratch without removing the glass". The difference enables our equipment to remove glass scratches up to .004" deep (deep enough to carry your finger nail) without leaving any distortion as independently tested distortion-free by BSI and ANSI.

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